Honda civic electric parking brake problem how to fix

Going to work yesterday morning For whatever reason my Civic locked up all wheels and came to a complete stop from appx 35 mph in about 40 feet or so in the middle of an intersection.

There were no cars in front of me. The amber brake light came on, the car braked by itself, it slid to a stop, shut itself off, the dash lights and all indicator lights were very dim it started flashing no fob detected or whatever word it uses for no fob. The car would not respond to anything I tried to do. After about 2 minutes everything returned to normal. The car started and ran fine.

Still has not acted up again. Now I'm trying to remember exact details as the truck behind me has his brakes locked and is sliding towards me. He gets stopped with about 6 inches to spare. Very scary situation I talked to the dealer and get the "Never heard of that before". It has since been traded It is on their lot now.

Brakes locked up and car won't start

I advised them of the problem My problem started in August of with the radio system working when it wants to work and the windows would sometimes open or sometimes close. The first major issue happened on Sept 16, I had a little over miles on my car when I got up to get ready for work and the damn car would not even start. I was getting error messages going across the Faulty Dashboard. I had my car towed to Honda Concord and was told it was the battery.

They have changed my battery more than once, Mel Rapton Honda said it was the Lo Jack I had installed a week after I bought the car so they had the people come and replace it and that did not solve the issue. They did the something to the Electric Parking Brake because their was a recall on that back in October of In November of my car was at the dealership in Sacramento for the same issues and the said I had a faulty modulator and replaced that along with a complimentary car wash because I was raising hell on the fact they cannot seem to figure out the issue.

I even opened a case with Honda Corporate because of all the issues I had been experiencing. And each time all they can say well its fixed and you should not have any more issues with the car. They felt as me being a woman that I didn't know enough about cars to the point they tried to say I was the one causing the issue but hitting the emergency brake. I told them they lost their everlasting mind. I even told the dealer that the car almost costed me two accidents.

I would be in traffic and the emergency brake would lock up automatically to where the person behind me in traffic has almost rear ended me.

When I told this to Honda Corporate they just brushed it off as nothing major is wrong with the car.

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I have a special need son that I have to drive around in this car and I have two other sons who are not really experienced drivers who sometimes drive my car. I informed corporate that this car is going to cause a serious accident and that they need to do something about it.

honda civic electric parking brake problem how to fix

They stated that no one else has complained to Honda about any of the issues I have experienced and informed them that if they GOOGLE online Honda Civic Electrical Issues they will find that other people have experienced some of the same exact issues.

I even informed them that their is a Honda Forum that people made their complaints. Well I am here to let those who are having these same exact issues with their car to keep pressing the issue with Honda Corporate. I am now seeking an attorney.

On April 16 Easter Sunday, I experienced the issue again while on my way home from the store my brake light came on and my radio started making a ding, ding noise. By the time I pulled into my garage my dashboard lit up with all the error messages, my lights in the car started blinking off and on the radio completely shut down and the emergency brake locked up.

I was furious because here it is Easter Sunday and me and my sons were stuck at home. We couldn't go to church, go visit family or anything. The following day I had it towed to Honda in Concord.Log in or Sign up.

2017 Honda Civic Brake Hold and Electronic Parking Brake

So I went to start my car this afternoon after having already drove it to work today. When I tried to start the electrical is working but I'm getting warnings about checking the brake system and the brake pedal is really hard.

Called Honda Roadside assistance, but they can't tow my car until tomorrow because the dealership is closed. Any ideas out there? Try disconnecting the negative on the battery, wait a few minutes, hook it back up and let it idle a few minutes. Should probably still get it checked out but I wonder if a low or bad battery is the root cause.

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EDIT: I know its late on a Sunday but if you can get it running again try and find an auto zone before they close and see if they can test your battery for you.

More than one person on here has had a bad battery from Honda that died quickly. NixMay 1, I guess I forgot to mention I tried to reset the ecu before I called Honda, my bad nix. Thanks for the quick response though. Nix likes this. Good luck man. Messages: 51, Electronics worked I can't figure out why the battery would be dead, but thanks for the info. Why would that lock up the brakes though? Not sure why it does what it does, but a lot of people had bad batteries.

A LOT. They even did recalls on a range of vins a few years back or so due to batteries. Ok, thanks for the info webby.

Just frustrating having these problems with a new car.

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Guess it'll get fixed soon enough. I had to have my battery replaced on my '14 and the car wasn't even 6 months old.

Electronic Parking Brake Failure

The battery wasn't holding a charge and would be dead in the morning after sitting in the garage overnight. JonnyRottenMay 2, I've been having the same kind of situation. I was able to jump my car this morning so I'm letting it run to charge the battery. I did realize this morning that the rear bolt on the positive terminal was loose so I tightened that up.

Thanks again everyone for the help, gonna get the battery checked today and make sure everything is good with that.May 9, — Honda Civic electric parking brake problems, as well as gear shift and transmission problems, have caused a proposed class action lawsuit that includes Civics.

The cars are equipped with continuously variable transmissions CVTs and are allegedly prone to roll away even though the gear shifters appear to be in PARK. According to the lawsuit, electric parking brake problems occur because the parking brakes don't automatically activate when drivers exit the cars or when the driver-side doors are opened.

In OctoberPlaintiff Rojas had parked and when he returned to the parking lot the Civic had allegedly rolled about 20 feet from where he parked. The plaintiff says his car was dented over the front wheel from where the Civic hit a truck.

In NovemberRojas says he took the car for an inspection and told the Honda dealer about the rollaway incident, so technicians performed a software update for free. The plaintiff says he is now afraid the Civic will roll away again so he refuses to park in crowded lots.

According to the lawsuit, the CVTs have defects that leave drivers guessing if the cars are in PARK even when the gear shifters say they are. Honda dealerships were told to update the vehicle stability assist software so the electric parking brakes would engage when the vehicles were parked.

However, the plaintiff says the software update didn't repair the rollaway threat. Additionally, Honda Civic owners have complained about the electric parking brake problems, yet the automaker hasn't recalled those model year cars.

The plaintiff says nearly 1 million vehicles are at risk of rolling away because of the CVT problems even though Honda allegedly knows customers shouldn't depend on what the gear shifters indicate. Customers also allegedly wouldn't have purchased the Civics, or would have paid much less for them, if the automaker would have acknowledged the transmission and gear shifter problems.

The Honda Civic gear shift and electric parking brake lawsuit was filed in the U. American Honda Motor Co. Honda Civic drivers claim there are problems with the gear shifters, parking brakes and CVTs.Forums New posts Search forums Search images. Showcase New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Image Search…. New posts. Search forums. Search images.

Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. Forums General General 10th Gen Discussions. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Electronic Parking Brake Problem. Thread starter roth91 Start date Jun 24, Just letting everyone know I experienced this problem yesterday for the second time since owning the car.

I would start up the car and get the error message. The brake light would flash at me.

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I even took a picture and video to show the dealership.Forums New posts Search forums Search images. Showcase New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase.

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honda civic electric parking brake problem how to fix

Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Electric parking brake problem. Thread starter looopson Start date Mar 29, Hey Here's my latest issue: I got in my car this evening after leaving the gym and started it. I put the vehicle in to reverse but it would not move. I know I did not press it when I got to the gym!

honda civic electric parking brake problem how to fix

I turned the car off, restarted it, and tried again, same problem. I pushed the parking brake button down, restarted the car, and it was fine.

Has anyone else had this error show up on their console screen? I hope it doesn't happen again but with the turbo surging problem which I've noticed on the highway!!! I still need to get that fixed by the dealership TabsAZ Senior Member.More Honda Civic owners are coming forward to lodge complaints about an electric parking brake problem.

The problem, addressed in a recall, is that the electronic parking brakes in some models of Honda Civics may fail, allowing the car to roll away when it is in park. Honda Civics that roll away when the parking brakes fail may cause significant property damage as well as injuries.

The primary issue in the electric parking brake problem was traced to software in the vehicle stability assist control unit. Allegedly, if the driver attempted to apply the electronic parking brake immediately after the ignition is turned off, the software might prevent the parking brake from engaging. The recall applied only to Civics from model year But some owners allege that the defect affects and models as well.

Two lessees who report experiencing the electric parking brake problem allege that Honda deviated from their standard design for the gear shifter. Some drivers became aware of this electric parking brake problem after putting their car in park and then realizing that the vehicle is rolling away. Some of them might not have an opportunity to stop the vehicle before it causes damage. Consumer advocates suspect that the electric parking brake problem could also be due to inadequate design.

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Without a safety override that automatically puts that car in park or effectively applies the parking brake when the driver exits the vehicle, the parking brake could fail and the vehicle could roll away. Many vehicles on the market have a safeguard built in to prevent this from happening. Consumers have turned to the complaint system collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to submit concerns over their electric parking brake problem. Some consumers say that they have shifted their car into park but that the vehicle continued to move forward and striking a building.

One person even says that their vehicle struck a building in front of them and then shifted into reverse. The car reportedly accelerated backward when the person attempted to put the car in reverse manually. The new litigation comes a few weeks after Honda was hit with another class action lawsuit over alleged defects in the engines used in Civics and CR-Vs. Plaintiffs in the Honda Civic class action lawsuit in late alleged that the electric parking brake problem affects more vehicle years than justand that drivers of later model year Civics may continue to experience problems.

Honda Civic owners and lessees who have already experienced the electric parking brake problem might benefit from participating in a class action investigation. Learn More.

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I own a Hond Civic Coupe. Same issue as many Electrical Brake System that came out of nowhere. Not able to turn the engine on and stranded trying to find a solution to it.

Electronic Parking Brake Problem

Hello my name is Kim D. Nevertheless, the car would not start back up. I had my car towed to the dealership to get it checked. The service department did a diagnostic test and told me it was just a blown fuse. After picking my car up and driving it for one day it started having the same problem. Instead of turning the car off at that time I drove it back to the dealership to have it checked out again.Candidates Policy Concerning Master's Degree Registration Graduate Courses and Grades Ph.

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