Parlee rz7 reviews

Fit Werx has been carrying Parlee bicycles sinceso a lot longer than many dealers. We originally started representing Parlee as Bob Parlee produced bikes offering an industry-leading combination that balances size appropriate lateral stiffness for excellent power transfer and quick reactionssuperior comfort, manufacturing excellence, and light weight. Parlee bikes in general are very comfortable, even on a long century ride, yet they remain light and handle with precision.

With the introduction of the Parlee Altum models, does the Parlee tradition of a really well balanced ride continue across the line and into the production bikes too? Read on…. Parlee only manufactures full carbon fiber bicycles. Early on, all that Parlee made was custom bicycles, but Parlee started offering their first production geometry bikes a number of years ago with the Parlee Z4. This has left me chaffing at the bit to get one in the shop and our first Parlee Altum finally arrived recently.

We already have a full description of the Altum on our site. Therefore, I will not bore you with repetition of that overview information. Rather, I am writing about my impressions of the design elements of the Parlee Altum and how the factory equipped Shimano Ultegra version of the Parlee Altum R stands up.

Pulling the frame out of the box, the first impression of the Parlee Altum R is that this is a really high quality frame. This means that the carbon layup schedules of each size matched Parlee Altum frame is specified down to what carbon fiber is to be used in different locations of the bike and how.

The second impression of the frame is weight, or to be more accurate, the lack thereof. That means under 2 pounds and that is for a painted frame with. After years of using Enve forks, Parlee switched to a house designed and built fork, made to their specifications to match the Parlee Altum. The new Parlee fork weighs grams and, once I cut the steerer to the proper length, that weight dropped to grams. The total frame and finished fork weight of the Parlee Altum R came to 1, grams.

The Parlee Altum R delivers with character and soul as well as having all the modern features expected in a race capable frame. Tapered steerer fork, hidden integrated seat clamp, mechanical or electronic dual routing, PressFit 30 bottom bracket…it is all here. Beyond the expected, Bob Parlee and his team took their time designing this frame and they integrated many of their best features from previous work into the Parlee Altum R design in order to make it more aero and more responsive without compromising ride quality.

For example, the hidden seatpost clamp of the Parlee Altum is borrowed from the aero-tubed Parlee ESX for smoother air flow. The seatpost clamp on the Parlee Altum blends into the top tube for better aerodynamics while the top tube flares where it meets the head tube and the down tube flares at the head tube and the bottom bracket shell. These flares add strength to these joints while increase stiffness of the head tube and bottom bracket and helping to lead to more laminar airflow all at the same time.

The down tube of the Parlee Altum is quite wide, and the top tube and down tube are ovalized for strength.

The top tube shape, just behind the heat tube, on the Parlee Altum is also borrowed from the aero-tubed Parlee ESX and there are three separate innovative head tube inserts that increase the length of the head tube in order to provide as wide a range of fit options as possible from the stock geometry.

The shape of the Parlee Altum R top tube helps integrate the headtube inserts into the top tube, while also providing aerodynamic benefits. Finally, the Parlee Altum R updated the Z5 design and now will accommodate 28c tires as well.Loading Groups Choose Color:. Choose Group:.

parlee rz7 reviews

But there can hardly be a brand whose name stands for quality and attention to detail more than Parlee. The Parlee RZ7 aerodynamic road bike is just the latest in a long line of exceptional creations coming out of the Massachusetts company. When starting out to design their top aero road bike, Parlee started where any expert in fluid dynamics would: the tube shapes.

He had already been using a tube shape called Recurve for TT and tri bikes. For the RZ7 he has developed a second generation version of the tube profile, which is a proprietary airfoil design. This means that it will improve drag reduction compared to other NACA airfoil shapes and it balances lateral and vertical stiffness of the tube sections.

The resulting ride quality remains excellent without sacrificing the aerodynamics. Focusing on the improved aerodynamics, Parlee has developed their in-house handlebar and stem system that will completely hide all cables, while being optimized for electronic groupsets.

It makes the frame look great to us while being invisible to the wind. Of course, aerodynamics is only one side of the coin. How the rigidity is balanced with the ride quality also plays a huge role in defining this as the ultimate road machine.

The Recurve tube design maximizes torsional stiffness to guarantee efficient power delivery. Every time you jump to outsprint your buddy on your group ride, you will feel the effectiveness of this design, which has been enhanced by the Press Fit 30 bottom bracket. Another proprietary design that makes the RZ7 a joy to ride, and especially descend, are the integrated through axles.

Parlee has actually reduced the length of the standard road through axles, but a centimeter in the rear and six millimeters in the front.

This not only saves weight, but gives the frame a narrower frontal profile, enhancing the aerodynamics. They have even hidden the heads of the axles in a countersunk hole molded into the frame and fork. Nevertheless, they have still been able to design the frame and fork so that you can fit up to 32mm tires.

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And to mitigate any concerns about any aero handicap disc brakes necessitate, Parlee designed removable SpeedShield carbon fiber fairings to cover the disc brake calipers. Now, if you are planning on racing this bike in any UCI authorized events, you will have to remove them, but if you are planning on using it for triathlons, or just to rip the legs off your riding buddies, then it will be a great way to get the braking benefits from the disc brakes without enduring all that drag.

Not only is this one of those rare beautiful looking aero bikes, but it also manages to be among the lightest as well, with a medium size tipping the scales at a very impressive grams. Parlee has developed the RZ7 with the intention that it will be a great fit for just about everyone.

After years of custom building, they have a huge database of past stock and custom geometries, which has helped them optimize their Flex Fit sizing. For the RZ7 they will offer 7cm of spacers for under the integrated stem. To increase adjustability, the seat post has been designed with a reversible rail clamp which makes it possible to run it with either 0 or 25mm offset. Please contact sales wrenchscience.The next generation of performance road bicycle is here. The all-new Parlee RZ7. But, speed is nothing without ride quality.

The ultimate blend of stiffness, efficiency, weight and performance also features ride quality unrivaled by any other aero machine. That means more PRs with less fatigue. Nothing feels better than going faster. And, faster feels better on a Parlee. The RZ7 Factory Edition will be a limited run of bicycles that will be available immediately after the RZ7 launch at the Sea Otter Classic in mid Apriland will be available exclusively through a select group of retailers and distributors.

Each RZ7 Factory Edition carries a unique graphics package and are individually hand numbered When we set out to develop the ultimate high performance road bike we combined our twenty years of experience in design, engineering and innovation, and looked to the latest in emerging technology and advancements that the industry has to offer. The result is RZ7.

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We started with a clean sheet design, and incorporated our latest aerodynamic and technical developments. We also incorporated fully integrated and hidden cabling, fully hidden thru axles and compatibility with the latest wide and high volume tires and wheel-sets.

We infused our proven Z carbon technology, using a proprietary blend of high performance, pre-preg carbon fiber, and our very precise carbon lay-up schedule. Z carbon technology provides every Parlee with not only best in class light weight but also peerless ride quality, frame stiffness and responsive handling. The RZ7 is not only a nod to our past but also a vision of our future.

As we enter a new age of performance road cycling driven by always-on, real-time data capture and analytics e. Strava and near ubiquitous power meter usage ; chasing speed is no longer just for professionals, so its no surprise road cyclists are looking to go faster and further.

We designed the RZ7 for any rider who focuses on performance and whose goal is to go faster. The RZ7 delivers the speed and comfort to go both faster and further than traditional road bikes.

Our forward thinking continues with the SpeedShield technology now available on the RZ7. SpeedShields smooth the flow of air around the irregular geometry of a disc brake caliper, saving you the most watts possible.

But its not all just for looks, internally routing the cabling makes for a more aerodynamic profile. A two-bolt adjustment system allows for precise adjustments and stability on the roughest terrain.

Drummond Cycles Enfield, NH Velosmith Wilmette, IL Groupe Ostiguy Lac-Beauport, Quebec FORWARD MOTION When we set out to develop the ultimate high performance road bike we combined our twenty years of experience in design, engineering and innovation, and looked to the latest in emerging technology and advancements that the industry has to offer. Balances lateral and vertical stiffness of tube sections; improves ride quality without sacrificing aerodynamics.

For added aerodynamics and a clean sleek look, the heads of our axles are hidden in a countersunk hole that is molded into the frame and fork. Standard Features.

All-new Parlee RZ7 aero road bike hides everything from the wind, including brakes

Parlee Perfomance Road geometry, Flex-Fit spacer system. Parlee High Modulus, Recurve 2. Twin Carbon, Recurve 2. Press Fit 30 68mm x 46mm.Seeing a product go from concept to reality is always exciting. From napkin sketches to computer files to 3D printed models to production intent samples to final production, the process is long and arduous and at times frustrating. But when you are able to see and experience the final product, the efforts all feel worth it.

At the time, they were busy packing up the new models for Eurobike.

parlee rz7 reviews

Walking through the Parlee factory is like a peak behind the magic curtain — a full-circle experience. In the studio, we get to build and deliver new bikes to their owners. We join the process after the hard work is done. After a frame has been designed, tested and built. As we walked through the factory I saw countless examples of Parlee development projects: early iterations of the Z5, the ESX and even the very first frames built by Bob which would later come to be known as the Z1.

Back in when we first started working with Parlee, Bob visited Velosmith and he said something that sticks with me today. He said that bikes and sailboats are very similar, both look to control flex. The aero shapes were immediately different than anything else we have seen from Parlee. In fact, in classic Parlee form, the aero shaping was subtle and purposeful, devoid of shapes for shapes sake. The frame set sat on a pair of deep section carbon DT wheels, outfitted with the familiar shape of the Parlee carbon handle bar but the stem and seat post were entirely new.

Like the rest of the frame, the seat post flowed smoothly into the frame, chiseled just so giving it an almost integrated appearance while reducing the effects of the wind.

The frame was 3D printed, matte black and heavy in your hands. The design concept was simple: aero, versatile and Parlee comfortable. From that point, the hard work began. Bob wanted to begin with a clean slate.

Why do most aero bikes have an overly stiff ride? How integrated could the RZ7 be, while maintaining a user-friendly and structurally efficient design? We all want to go faster — going fast is fun.

In many ways, the RZ7 is a return to our roots. The reality was 20 years ago, the molding techniques were not there to optimize the aerodynamics. Aero road bikes are not new. In fact, they began appearing about five years ago and made a big splash.

But almost as quickly as they arrived they were gone. A handful have remained in the market place but many designs were abandoned. Common issues were an overly stiff road feel and issues with component integration — cable routing and rear brake locations.A new Parlee model is always an exciting proposition, guaranteed to blend innovative tech with superb ride quality.

Today sees the unveiling of the new RZ7. A new carbon monocoque road bike, bringing new levels of aero performance to the core of their range. As you'd expect, the newest member of the Parlee family takes full advantage of their carbon fibre and aerodynamic expertise, and borrows some ideas from the latest TTiR to ensure maximum integration with modern electronic groupsets. The full range of frameset and build options will be available later this year. Unsurprisingly it's disc brake only, and that enables the frame to accomodate up to 32mm wide tyres.

parlee rz7 reviews

Parlee have used their own fork, stem, bars and seatpost to ensure maximum aerodynamic performance, and there are even optional "SpeedShield" deflectors which fit over the brake calipers to further smooth the airflow. The integrated thru-axles are neatly hidden away out of the wind, and Parlee's unique "Recurve" tube profiles have been subtly tweaked to further reduce drag in real-world conditions.

The in-house seatpost design cleverly allows for 0mm or 25mm of setback on the same post, via a reversible rail clamp design, and five frame sizes, together with Parlee's flex fit cockpit, will help us find the perfect fit. It's not all about the aero though Using their proprietary blend of carbon fibre Parlee have, as always, paid a lot of attention to ride quality and handling.

To celebrate the launch of the RZ7, Parlee are offering a limited run of Factory Edition bicycles.

parlee rz7 reviews

These are available exclusively at Factory Edition Launch Partner dealers around the world including, of course, Parlee specialists Bespoke. Tom Rodi, Parlee's marketing manager, explains: "We wanted to do something different and inclusive with the launch of the RZ7. The Factory Edition is a way to celebrate the launch with a hand-numbered, very limited production run ofall with high-end builds and one-of-a-kind finish".

The first Factory Edition bikes will be available in early May. We can supply as a frameset only, or custom build a complete bike to your exact requirements, perfectly fitted.

Custom paint is, as always, available via Parlee's Paint Lab - talk to us about options. GPS, power meters, Strava times An unrelenting focus on design efficiency leads to maximum performance. Better acceleration.

The Latest From Parlee Cycles

Better tracking. Lighter weight. Unmatched durability. Remarkable comfort. Bespoke Blog. Introducing the Parlee RZ7 A new Parlee model is always an exciting proposition, guaranteed to blend innovative tech with superb ride quality.

But this is first and foremost a Parlee, and in Bob's words: Ride quality is just something I am not prepared to compromise on Announced today at the Sea Otter Classic in the USA, the RZ7 will initially be available as a limited edition run of complete bikes, available from early May.

Prev Next. Read more. Parlee: An Unrelenting Focus An unrelenting focus on design efficiency leads to maximum performance.Without doubt Zwift is the most widely used indoor training app and part of its appeal is the level of customisation available. Not only can you choose between a host of routes and locations, you can also tune your avatar to look a bit like you. But only if you can access them. Drops are easy to earn but you basically pay in sweat hence the Drops namesimply the more you ride, the more Drops you earn.

The Drop Shop is where to go to purchase those upgrades. Now the age old dilemma of buying a solid, reliable bike and upgrading it over time or holding out and saving for your dream bike is also true within Zwift.

Each bike is rated for its weight and aerodynamics, with a score out of four — with one being the heaviest or least aerodynamic and four being the lightest and slipperiest. These have an impact on how fast you can go for a given effort or how rapid you can climb.

Each bike is given a star rating for Aero and Weight characteristics, with four stars being the best. Some bike models are available at the Drop Shop almost immediately so you can begin tweaking your setup straight away. However most of the better performing bikes need you to have gained not only certain amounts of Drops but to have also advanced through the levels in order to unlock the ability to purchase them.

Just like Drops, you advance through the levels by gaining XP Experience Pointsearned with every kilometre you ride. Fan favourites Cannondale has plenty of standard road bike options including one of the fastest climbers in all of Watopia in the shape of the older EVO model.

If you want to go even more bonkers, the triathlon spec P5X is about as Mad Max as bikes go and is the first of the million Drop bikes in the list.

On Zwift you can choose from the lightweight climber Tere or its aero sibling Rere for a bike that will stand out from the crowd. German bike giants Cube bring its fast and light weapons to the game in the shape of the Litening, albeit the older shape version, unlocked at level It also has its triathlon specific Aerium with crazy twin head tube design to deliver PB smashing speeds.

Almost a complete monocoque construction complete with aero extensions make it super slippery on the flat courses. The IA is also one of only four bikes that will cost you over a million Drops to buy.

Luckily they are both pretty decent although the Propel will cost you a pretty packet to buy at over eight hundred thousand Drops. Both are really good all-rounder that bring a touch of class to proceedings. Some of the most sought after bikes on Zwift are the Pinarello bikes. However none of them come cheap including the Bolide TT, another member of the million Drop club. You also need to ride a pretty long way to access even the standard Bolide, available only at level This can only be gained after completing the Tour Italy challenge.

Complete the Tour of Italy and get this Dogma F8. British brand Ribble has its excellent Endurance machine represented on Zwift for those that want to show a little British pride. Want something Belgian to remind you of the Spring Classics that could have been? Scott has the gamut of requirements met with its triptych of bikes.

Without doubt Specialized has the heaviest presence in the Drop Shop and you can pretty much pick up anything from its road line-up. But if you want to unlock its best climbing Emonda you will need to complete the Climb Everest challenge and climb 8,m.

The Ventum One is another mental looking TT bike. This time it forgoes the down tube and seat stays to create a pretty radical machine that will definitely stand out. Engage your climbing legs if you want one though.

PARLEE RZ7. Aero. Lightweight. Integration. Pick three.

Obviously Zwift has a plethora of its own machines to choose from and the good news is quite a few are available from the start of your Zwift experience. Home News Product News. Image: Zwift.Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside, you'll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design.

The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. All these aero bikes are starting to look the same. Parlee Cycles is a relatively small brand based near Boston, but founder Bob Parlee has always made comfort his top priority when it comes to his carbon bikes, and the RZ7 continues this legacy.

What makes the RZ7 so great is the way it interacts with the road mortar-bombed NYC thoroughfares included. It feels effortlessly fast, mostly due to how smoothly it manages to glide over pavement.

Almost everything is stellar on this bike, but maybe I am biased. Pick a direction and the bike will cut through the air and take you there. You could easily get that number down to pro peloton figures with some lighter components.

In the straights the Parlee RZ7 pulls like a train.

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I am surprised and also confused that an aero bike is faster than a climbing bike when it comes to, you know, actually climbing. The RZ7 is the most advanced offering from Parlee yet, and the first to bring system integration to a bike. The aesthetics of the stem are marmite to some, but it allows all of the cables to be neatly internalized, adding to the contemporary, streamlined look.

The stem also features a fully integrated GPS mount that slides into the front and sits rock solid. Thru axles are custom, and the outer thread is hidden. Do they work? Can I tell? Because this is a future-bike, all RZ7s come with disc brakes and electronic shifting only, which might turn off some bicycling purists. I was forced to embrace technology. I still think rim brakes look better, being a photographer and all.

But disc brakes do stop better, which is, you know, kind of important. The RZ7 is for someone with good taste, maybe a little too much taste, who wants something a bit more… exotic. This bike is very black. It could not be any more black, except maybe if it was sprayed with Vantablack in some smartphone photos I could not even see the bike.

If you like stealth bomber looks and ghosted branding, this bike is for you. If you value comfort, but also speed, this bike is for you.

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If you want to break all your previously held personal records, this bike is for you. Like I said, this bike is very black. To some, all black bikes are a dying trend. Many also find them boring. Luckily, Parlee offers a world-class custom paint service, but that of course means more money.

Also, for such an advanced bike, I find the handlebars contradictory. Additionally, I think the stock tires are a bit delicate for long and aggressive riding; I suffered a puncture after only a hundred miles. This bike is kind of in a league of its own. There are other bikes out there just as aerodynamic see first paragraph. But I sincerely doubt any of them offer the same ride quality as the RZ7.